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creative website design

In today's instant information-age, one of the most important aspects of a company's brand, product or service is the company's ability to showcase its offerings in a clean, succinct, and aesthetically pleasing manner. Social Emote is an accredited Squarespace Circle web designer. This means that we use the most innovative web design templates and interfaces that include built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), unique mobile applications, SSL security, cutting edge UI/UX best practices, and 24/7 customer support. 

Our website design package offers the latest technological support plus monthly management that includes website updates

  • ·   Cloud-hosted Website through Squarespace
  • ·   Search Engine Optimization
  •    Free Custom Domain
  • ·   Unlimited Pages, Galleries and Blogs
  • ·   Full, Integrated Website Analytics
  • ·   Mobile-Optimized Website
  • ·   SSL Security
  • ·   Professional Email (name@domain-name.com)
  • ·   24/7 Customer Support
  • ·   $100 credit towards Google Adwords
  • ·   Social Media integration

Social media consulting

One of the primary challenges faced by small businesses and startups is the ability to attract, incentivize, and maintain a growing customer base. Market demand, company reputation, perceived competition and visibility all play significant roles in a company's success.  Left alone to the whims of local advertising and word-of-mouth recommendations leaves a company at significant risk.  Social Emote has a solution.

Every business, regardless of size, needs to have a marketing strategy that includes a Social Media adjunct to attract new customers, engage and retain existing customers, and promote company services and/or product offerings. This is Social Emote.


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We encourage you to see some of our website designs. Just click on the image below for some examples of our work.. 

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our strategy

The right message at the right time. It's that simple. Social Media has brought forth an ability to market a company's services in ways previously thought not possible. Through Social Emote's strategic and tactical application of Social Media marketing, monitoring, analytics and distribution, our customers will witness a rapid and continuous growth of its customer base. Engage. Analyze. Expand. Yes, it's that simple. 




The first step is determining a company's ideal customer base and then engaging through a clean, succinct Website and targeted Social Media presence and campaign.




Throughout the process, Social Emote is continually refining your Website and Social Media presence and interaction through platform-specific analytics.



targeted expansion

We continue to attract and incentivize your customers to help expand your company's social presence and market share while applying reputation management techniques.

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John and the Social Emote team did a tremendous job providing the research, architecture, development and launch of our Savannah Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle website. Our website continues to attract more customers and followers each day, and I continue to receive positive feedback from my friends and colleagues. I cannot give Social Emote enough praise and highly recommend them for any website requirements.
— Steven Shapiro, MD (July 2017)
John is helping transition our Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company from a social meeting place to a socially engaging powerhouse. Our social presence in the mountains of North Carolina has allowed us to attract new members and customers while rewarding our legacy customer base.
— IVAN POROSLAY (May 2017)
People throughout North Carolina continually comment on our company’s remarkable re-branding, social presence and vivid marketing that resonates throughout the region. John’s efforts and personal interest has allowed me to re-brand my company overnight while maintaining contact and patronage from all my clients.
— JUSTIN WHITE (June 2017)


We will treat your company as if it were our own ... ensuring a positive, engaging marketing strategy that attracts and retains customers while promoting your brand in the best possible way.  


About Me

John Sims is a retired military Veteran and former Founder & Partner of a high tech company specializing in Social Media exploitation, advanced behavioral analytics, and poly-agent modeling to forecast events and model social networks. He now resides in Southern Pines, NC helping local, small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.


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